AnnMaker Software

This user licence agreement is related with AnnDN software (hereinafter referred to as “Software”). Users of this agreement are deemed to accepted all terms and conditions listed in this agreement.

This agreement involves licence conditions related with full-version, trial version and/or all downloaded products. This licence agreement is legally binding agreement between you and AnnMaker software. When you download and use AnnDN software, you are deemed to have accepted all articles in this agreement.

1. User cannot lend, rent with or without cost, present or make third parties use of this software. Additionally, it is strictly forbidden to obtain codes or turn the software into codes with reverse engineering.

2. User licence grants the right to install this software up to four machines under the conditions to use as an individual user and this licence covers installation, usage and back-up of the software on user’s computer. This property is presented to support different computer environments and protect the licence when computer is changes. It is strictly forbidden to distribute or use the software among different users by using this property. All other copyright and trademarks belong to AnnMaker and excluded from the scope of this agreement.

3. AnnMaker does not make any claims or commitments in such a way that the software is completely flawless, accurate, complete and fully meets the user's general and / or specific needs and does not guarantee that the data produced and provided is complete and cannot be held responsible for any damages. AnnMaker does not make any claims or commitments about completeness and correctness of drop domain and auction domain lists and cannot be held liable for any commercial, material or immaterial losses arising from these conditions.

4. User accepts that user will use this software on hardware with minimum stated technical properties, stated operating system, to obtain required hardware and operating system, AnnMaker is not legally or financially liable for any software-hardware-operating systems non-compliance and AnnMaker’s liability if limited with granting a usage licence.

5. AnnMaker is not liable in any gains or losses arising from material, immaterial, legal and financial consequences that may arise as a result of misuse or unlawful use of the AnnDN software.

6. Parties agree that any amount of compensation (financial liability) that may be requested by the other party in case any dispute between parties, directly or indirectly, will be limited to the amount paid by the user as the license fee.

7. Parties hereby acknowledge that AnnMaker grants "Usage License" for the software included in this Agreement, and that AnnMaker has no liability for any loss or damage on User's productivity, business income and / or loss of profits and the use of data. No oral and written declaration, letter, e-mail, fax text, service form and similar documents and correspondences shall be accepted as a special commitment between the parties.

8. AnnMaker reserves the right to make changes on AnnDN software and related documentation and to remove the new versions of the software without prior notice. AnnDN license has no time limited, and the user has the right to download and use all new versions, except for modules that require membership.

9. AnnDN software Drop/Auction module runs on internet with Cloud Data Service and therefore, usage right membership is required. With purchased licence, one year Cloud Data Service usage right is granted for free. In the following years, Drop/Auction module and Cloud Data Service usage is renewed annually by paying membership cost determined by AnnMaker. If user fails to renew membership, use can continue using other modules but Drop/Auction module will automatically be disabled.

10. AnnMaker reserves the right to amend or update AnnDN software licence and membership prices.

11. AnnMaker does not guarantee that new versions of AnnDN software will process data entered in old version or data will be transferred data from old version to new version.

12. AnnDN software is only supported on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. Computer that this program will be installed must minimum have .NET Framework 4.52. In local network structures or under a proxy, not all functions might not work. In such environments and on personal computers, port no.43 (whois port) must be accessible/open. Uninterrupted internet connection is required for continuous operation of the program. All risks due to software usage or performance belongs to user.

13. AnnDN best works on screens with 1366x768 resolution or more. Other resolutions might cause visual or usage problems. AnnMaker cannot be held responsible from problems arising from this situation.

14. AnnDn software, on installation and execution, may send us certain information for software updates, auditing and license compliance verification, including product version and edition, number of copies of the product in use by license, encrypted machine IDs, licence(product) key, serial numbers and other related information. For our data as a service module (cloud data membership), we check licence and cloud data membership information and take pattern filter information when you use Drop/Auction module.