AnnDN is a Domain Names Tool

You can group domains you own or your track with tag structures and manage these domains more effectively. Additionally, backend Whols queries can identify status changes on domains, thus, you can notice domains in expire process or taken domains.

With pre-defined Task and Pattern structures, you can track Drop/Auction domains. Once you determine and set query patterns, these tasks will filter daily Drop and Auctions lists based on defined patterns or keywords.

When you define RSS feed of a technology bulletin, scientific web page or a blog on new advancement in medicine to the system as Trend Words task, you can identify new and trending words. Of course it will again be filtered with Pattern definitions.

Manage Your Domain Lists!
Manage domain lists you own or track. Domains in expiration process or Auction will automatically show . You can track domain cost and sales.
Track Drop/Auction!
You can track daily drop and auction domains on your tasks. Pre-defined patterns or keywords are filtered on Cloud Data and presented to you.
Catch Trend Words!
Select an area of interest, define RSS links of websites that broadcast in that field as tasks. AnnDN will regularly check RSS feeds and make domain recommendations.
Work with tags!
You can manage your domain lists more effectively by working with tags, you can assign tags to domains and achieve easier grouping and filtering.
Define your patterns!
Define your patterns for domain filtering, use your Drop/Auction tasks or Trend Words tasks by linking with these patterns. Your tasks and patterns will work together.
Track your tasks!
All you need to do is define your tasks. Define your Drop/Auction and Trend Words tasks once, daily drop and auction queries and RSS search for trend words will work for you. All you need to do is watch!



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  • All updates and update in all version changes



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