Manuals - Domain Portfolio Management

You can manage your domain portfolio from dynamic tree menu and domain lists.

1. Dynamic tree menu

Dynamic tree menu has two branches. My Domain for domains we own and Follow Up Up for domains we consider to purchase, we wait for auction or drop.

Other than that, Removed that includes excluded domains from our lists, Sold Domains that includes sold domains, Previously Searched section that lists previous domain searches are under Dynamic tree menu.

Sub-menus are as follows:

1.1. Tagged With

Tagged With

This sub-menu is under My Domains and Follow Up in dynamic tree menu.

This sub-menu is used for filtering related domain lists for tags.

For more details, see also Working with Tags.

1.2. On Sale

This sub-menu is only under My Domains. Domains with manual or system defined* sales properties are listed here.

Three Menu

1.3. On Auction

This sub-menu is only under Follow Up. Different from On Sale, only domains with system defined* sales properties are listed here.

1.4. Free-Taken-Not WhoISed

This sub-menu is only underFollow Up. Whois of domains defined as Follow Up are regularly controlled by system* and marked as free or taken depending on registration status. If whois control is not made by the system, these domains are listed under Not WhoIsed. TLDs that are not supported by the system might be kept on the system but automatic query and classification (including expire processes) cannot be completed. You can check Supported TLDs from Supported TLDs section under Info & Stats.

1.5. About to Expire

This sub-menu is under My Domains and Follow Up in dynamic tree menu. You can track all stages of a domain in expire process (see also: Domain LifeCycle under this title. Domains in expire process are daily monitored by the system*, stages are assigned and listed under related sections.

About To Expire

Expire process stages:

  • Expire in 5 days: domain in your list is included in this list five days before expiration.
  • Renewal Grace; : domains will enter Renewal Grace stage after expire date and listed here. This stage is approximately 45 days.
  • Redemption Grace; thirty day stage after Renewal Grace.
  • Pending Delete; stage that informs that domain is certainly dropped. This stage lasts five days.
* These durations are not valid for certain TLDs such as 'io',''.
* Expire process stages ICANN documents; Domain LifeCycle, Domain Status Desc

2. Domain Lists

A domain list window consists of filter area, Excel export button, domain list and paging control field.

Filter Area:

Registrar combo (only in My Domains), TLD combo, alphabetical sorting, length sorting and search box are created.

Excel export button:

You can export active list to Excel in CSV format.

Domain List Field:

This field consists of domain name, creation date, expire date, status (Free, On-Sale, On-Auction or Expire status for those on Expire stage) and tag information.

Domain Operation Button:

When you are on a domain on the list, options button is shown. You can access details of related domain with this button, delete domain from list or shift between your lists.

Paging Buttons:

Paging buttons are on right-hand side corner of domain list. You can go forward, backwards, first and last page on domain list.

Domain Lists

3. Working with Tags

Working with tags section consists of creating a new tag, editing a defined tag (Manage Tags) or linking a domain in currents lists with a tag.

* You can filter domains with tags on dynamic tree menu. (Bkz: 1.1. Tagged With)

Manage Tags

This menu is accessed by Manage Tags button on the upper menu. You can define a new tag() or delete/change colour of a tag in Current Tags from pop-up window.

On the right-hand side, you can see domain list related with selected tag. When you delete a tag, you also delete tag definitions in related domain.

Adding tag to a domain

You can relate a tag with domain by using domain details window. To do that, you need to use Add/Remove link on the bottom left-hand side of details window.

You can add tags to related domain or remove related tags from a domain using pop-up window.

Add Tag Popup

4. Domain Detail Window

You can see all information of a domain on your list and do certain tasks.

Domain general information and whois information are presented under this window. Additionally, you can take notes about the domain, enter cost information (for My Domains), assign tags and control Auction.

You can open this section by clicking on related record on Domain list or with Details under Domain Operation Button.

Domain Fundamental Information Field

Left columns in Domain Details window contains fundamental information such as list, status, AnnDN system entrance date and type, Register date, total cost information and tag information.

Actions you can take in this field are;

  • Sold Out button; if a domain is sold, you can enter sales information. At the end of this process, related domain will be transferred to Sold Domains list.
  • WhoIs Raw (WhoIs Raw) button; you can see Raw WhoIs record.
  • Change/Remove link; you can change the list of the domain or remove the domain from the list.
  • Tags Add/Remove link; pop-up window to assign or remove tags to domain is presented.

Domain Detail

WhoIs Record Tab

In this section, basic whois information such as domain dates, registrars, domain status are shown.

* Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Registrant information on WhoIs record are not stored or shown. * Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Registrant information on WhoIs record are not stored or shown.

Actions you can take in this field are (different actions will be viewed based on domain status and related list):

  • Refresh WhoIs (Refresh WhoIs) button: You can renew WhoIs information.
  • ReNew button: You are directed to web page of related registrar to renew.
  • Register Now button: You are directed to frequently used registrar to register the domain.
  • Back Order button: You are directed to web page of related registrar to back order.
  • Auction button: this function checks whether a domain has auction record. Results are presented on right-hand side Auction tab.
  • Show Drop Date link: Domain drop date and hour of domains in Pending Delete status are shown.

Notes Tab

You can add notes about your domain. Additionally, system can add notes on actions on domains.

Cost Tab

You can record costs of a domain. Information in this section will be included in Info & Stats -> Cost Analysis report.

Auction Tab

Auction state of a domain is checked. If there is auction record, related information are presented. Additionally, this field contains a link to listed auction web page.

* * Auction lists are transferred with one day delay and price information might not be current price value.

5. Sold Domain Lists

You can access this list by selecting Sold Domains from dynamic tree menu. Sold domains are listed here. To transfer sold domains to this list, Sold Out information on Domain Details window must be completed.

You can filter sold domains based on sales years or/and TLDs . Total cost and total sales information is given on top of the page.

Sold Domain Lists

6. Search Domain

You can easily search domains and complete whois queries on pop-up window when you click on Search Domain button on the upper left-hand side. You can view last 20 query from Last Searches area on the right-hand side.

Actions in search window;
  • With WoIs link, you can see whois record of a domain.
  • With Add List link, you can add domains to your list.
  • With Back Order link, you are directed to backorder webpage of related Registrar.
  • With Buy Now link (if domain is free), you are directed to your frequently used registrar web page.
  • With Check Auction link, you can check whether a domain is in auction list.

Search Domain

7. Adding Domain to Your Lists

You can add domains to your lists in 4 different ways:

  • From Search Domain window,
  • Collectively from Add Domain(s) window,
  • Tasks lists from Catch Trend Words (See also: Catch Trend Words)
  • From Drop/Auction task list (See also: Drop/Auction)
Here, we will look at collective addition on Add Domain(s) screen. Please see related sections for other options.

Add Domain(s) Button

You can collectively paste or write your domain names on the first window.

Add Domain(s) First Page

Incorrect domain names will not be added.

Add Domain(s) Next Page