Manuals - Working with patterns

Define Your Patterns

Patterns are domain filter types that can be defined. You can define more than one pattern. You can define domain length of your pattern, vowels or consonants, numerical characters and sub-patterns (start with VC, don’t include CCC etc).

You can use defined patterns on the system by relating these patterns to Tasks in Catch Trend Words and Drop/Auction fields.

Add/Edit Pattern Button

Add/Edit Pattern Window

In this window, pre-defined Patterns are listed on the left-hand side. You can click on these patterns and make desired changes. You can use button for defining a new pattern. Additionally, splash screen is in Add New Pattern mode.

Add/Edit Pattern

In this window, you can set domain length range, vowels and consonants you want, select numbers and define sub-patterns.

Adding Sub Pattern

In sub-patterns, C represents consonants, V represents vowels and N represents numbers.

Sub patterns can be defined in 3 different action systems;

  • Begin with
  • End with
  • Do not include

Action systems act between themselves with OR, between each other with AND

Adding Sub Pattern

To add sub-pattern to definition, you need to select action system, form the template (with C, V, N buttons) and click on Add Sub-Pattern button.

Example: Sub-Pattern defined to find domains that start with a vowel and continue with a consonant or start with a consonant and continue with a vowel and does not have 3 consecutive consonants or 3 consecutive vowels:

Valid examples for this pattern are voller, expansion, people, water.
Invalid examples for this pattern are; technology,aero,know, study, beautiful

Remove Pattern

You can delete a pre-defined pattern by using Remove Pattern button in edit mode.. But you cannot delete a pattern linked with a task (this could be Trend Words task or Drop/Auction task). To delete this pattern, you need to remove these patterns from related tasks.